1. Admit you don’t have control over this problem, and resolve to get well and seek help;
  2. Think and evaluate your home and work environment. Are there any triggers to porn in those places? Take measures to remove them immediately;
  3. Think and evaluate the friends and places that you frequently find yourself outside of home and work. Assess whether they are contributing to the vice of porn and take measures to remove or replace them in your life;
  4. Reflect on the times when you have acted out with porn. Assess whether there is a pattern to your behavior and write it down.
  5. Have accountability to someone other than yourself! Join a men’s group that offers accountability, mentoring and friendship with brothers who can effectively walk with you on your journey of recovery;
  6. Develop a daily prayer life. Seek God’s forgiveness and grace when you fall to your sin by going to confession immediately when you fall;
  7. Discern your root sin—for most men it is pride or lust. Apply or replace the vice with a corresponding virtue;
  8. Take counter measures to evil inclinations and temptations in your life. Take a stand against the multi-billion dollar porn industry;
  9. Make a public statement about your struggle and lead with your weakness. This can be done in a men’s group or some other forum where trust is met and confidentiality secured;
  10. Pursue your vocation as a man! Your vocation whether it is single, married or religious life is your path to holiness and freedom from sin.

TKM’s Recommended Healing Related Websites

www.interventionsupport.com/sex-addiction/ – intervention and support for sex addiction; overcoming the slavery of addiction
– this site is for therapy options in PA area
www.catholictherapists.com – this site is for locating Catholic therapists in U.S.
www.faithfulandtrueministries.com – this site is for men and women seeking healing from sex/porn addiction
www.couragerc.net – this site is for men and women seeking healing and support with same sex attraction disorder
www.rachelsvineyard.org – this site is for men and women seeking healing from abortion
www.sa.org – 12 step program for sex addicts
www.calixsociety.org – 12 step program for alcoholics seeking recovery with a faith based approach
www.loveisfaithful.com –  this site offers healing specific to porn addiction and its effects on marriage
www.pornnomore.com – this site offers Catholic prayer and support for porn addiction recovery
www.pornharms.com – this site has most current and accurate peer reviewed research on the harms of pornography
www.posarc.com – partners of sex addicts resource center
www.unityrestored.com – restoring personal and interpersonal unity for those afflicted by pornography
www.integrityrestored.com– resource to guide men, women and clergy to resolving porn addiction in their lives, marriages and dioceses

Links on information about dangers of pornography

www.pornharms.com – this site has most current and accurate peer reviewed research on the harms of pornography
www.moralityinmedia.org – this site provides information on the harms of pornography and laws relevant to upholding morals and decency
www.theporneffect.com – this site offers practical and theologically sound perspective and support for men and women on the issue of pornography
www.socialcostsofpornography.org – this site offers the brilliant research and findings from the Witherspoon Institute’s conference on the social costs of pornography in December 2008 at Princeton University
www.purehope.net – this site is a comprehensive resource for men and women who seek to fight pornography in their homes and community

From the Diocese of Kansas City
Blessed Are The Pure In Heart: On the Dignity of the Human Person and the Dangers of Pornography
A Pastoral Letter by Bishop Robert W. Finn

From Cardinal Rigali of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia
Pornography: An Attack on the Dignity of the Person.

From the Diocese of Arlington 
Bought with a Price: Pornography and the Attack on the Living Temple of God
A Pastoral Letter by Bishop Paul S. Loverde

Family Research Council
Study that details the effects of pornography on marriages, children, communities and happiness,
The Effects of Pornography