“TKM’s No More Porn Tour has been a part of the closing of 11 sexually oriented businesses in the last 10 years” -Mark Houck

With over twenty total years of experience in dynamic lecturing, expert teaching, and workshop training, Mark Houck, Matt Ingold and Chuck Harvey of TKM offer a variety of options to meet your conference, retreat, and other speaking needs. These men speak with passion and expertise to men, women, and youth on a variety of topics. TKM’s speaking outreach is highly regarded and endorsed (available at your request) by ministry leaders throughout the country.

Men: The Backbone of the Church

This presentation by TKM Founder Mark Houck addresses the issue of man’s role in the Body of Christ. The presentation is divided into two parts: crisis and solution. Mark speaks the hard truth that men must hear in order to lead, protect, and provide for their Church, families and the common good.

Chivalry: The Forgotten Art

TKM Founder & President Mark Houck delivers a powerful talk on reclaiming the forgotten virtue of chivalry. Borrowing from the Knight’s “Code of Chivalry, Mark summons and challenges men to model and sacrifice their lives after the first knight, Jesus Christ. Women will be called to identify their roles through Mary, the embodiment of the Church. Together, all will be invited to cooperatively partner in restoring chivalry to the mainstream culture.

Being a Man in an Unmanly World

TKM Founder & President Mark Houck powerfully challenges men to reclaim their masculinity in a world that all too often reduces manhood to just sports, beer drinking and womanizing. Mark will offer men three strategies for combating this negative trend: conversion, brotherhood, and action.

You’ve Got What it Takes: What Every Father Needs to Know about Initiating and Mentoring Sons

TKM Founder Mark Houck presents to fathers and sons the ingredients necessary for proper masculine formation. Mark will draw a father and son’s heart towards a greater understanding of each other and their unique contribution for the world and Church today. This powerful masculine talk is designed to both educate and inspire fathers and sons to travel the amazing masculine faith journey together.

Leaving a Legacy

TKM Founder and President Mark Houck invites men in this emotional talk to enter into the legacy that all have been given by virtue of their earthly sonship. Men will be empowered to reflect on the legacy their fathers and grandfathers gave them in an effort to guide them in the development of the type of legacy that they most want to leave their children.

Unleashing Your Inner St. Joseph

TKM Founder & President Mark Houck invites men to learn more about the hidden life of St. Joseph with many stories taken from mystics and historians. Men will be challenged to consider how St. Joseph is the model man and how his mission, courage, chastity and paternity are just what they need in today’s world.

TOB & Pornography

TKM Founder and President Mark Houck will enlighten any audience to the timeless wisdom presented in Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and its consequences for those trapped by the multi-billion pornography industry.

Manly Victory: A Battle Plan for Sexual Integrity

TKM Founder/President Mark Houck powerfully articulates the complex issue of pornography addiction. In this talk, Mark outlines for men a proven method by which they can find freedom from the bondage of addiction.

The Heart of Man: Holiness

TKM Founder and President of The King’s Men powerfully addresses every man’s call to holiness. This talk will challenge the heart of every man and encourage him to take his faith-to-action. Men will be summoned to pursue the development of virtue and learn the great benefit of participating in a weekly men’s faith formation program.

Courage Brothers!

TKM Founder and President Mark Houck powerfully presents the reasons for men to answer the call to address the current crisis in masculinity that is most affecting our culture and Church today. Mark draws on the insights of 10 plus years working with men through The King’s Men apostolate to address the cultural evils of abortion, pornography and the re-definition of traditional marriage.


Mark Houck, Founder and President of The King’s Men powerfully presents the means by which God most often chooses to form the men of His Church. Thru the apostolic work of The King’s Men, Mark shares the many tests that he has individually endured while seeking to answer the crisis in masculinity. This talk will inspire and commission each man to not be afraid of the individual fires in their life.

The Four Ingredients of the Warrior

TKM Founder and President Mark Houck unveils in this insightful talk for men the core makeup of the archetypical image of the “warrior.” Mark discusses how humble obedience, self-mastery, confronting evil and sacrificial love are essential if men are truly going to enter into the warrior image of their true selves.

The Journey of Self-Mastery

TKM Founder and President Mark Houck powerfully explains in this timely presentation how the journey of self-mastery is worthwhile and life-long pursuit. In a culture that promotes sexual license, tolerance and indulgence of every kind of disordered behavior and lifestyle, Mark will open the minds of any man or woman who desires to grow in holiness and virtue.

Dating with a Masculine Heart

TKM President and Founder Mark Houck presents a bold fresh look at dating through the lens of the modern day dysfunctional dating paradigm and how men can lead their sisters in Christ towards better dating experiences. Mark will challenge both men and women to re-think their attitudes about dating and courtship to marriage.

Chastity: A Crown of Triumph

TKM Founder/President Mark Houck speaks to teens about the benefits physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually of living a life of chastity—sexual self-control. In this presentation, Mark powerfully explains that if we truly understood and lived this virtue then it would solve most of the current problems plaguing our culture today. Through his own story and work with teens, Mark attempts to capture the heart of today’s teenager and invite them to live a life not of pleasure, but heroism.

Male & Female He Created Them: Apologetics for Same Sex Attraction

TKM Founder/President Mark Houck dissects the complex issue of homosexuality by addressing the most common questions asked about SSA. Mark will help men and women to gain a better understanding of the origins of the disorder and how it is both preventable and treatable.