The King’s Men “Leader’s Training Workshop” is a day-long, conference-style training event, designed to provide leaders and facilitators with the practical and effective methods and tools necessary to organize and facilitate an effective and dynamic TKM formation and accountability group.

The training has three primary parts, with the third part eliciting the most practical aspects of the training.

I. Inspirational talk, “The Case for Parish Men’s Groups and Accountability”

This talk reflects an inspirational overview of TKM’s highly successful men’s faith formation and accountability program and how it is changing and transforming the lives of men throughout the United States.

II. Overview of the TKM Formation and Accountability Program

Using the TKM Leader’s Resource Manual, the TKM team will share an overview of the program. This section includes information about implementation at the parish and development of a core leadership team in advance of parish launch.

III. Promoting, Organizing and Facilitating a TKM Group

Using the TKM Leader’s Resource Manual, the TKM team will train leaders in methods that have proven to be successful in introducing the program to men of the parish. Leaders will be trained how to:

  • Promote the Program. Men will be provided with information on the best techniques for getting the word out about the program, including the use of social media, word-of-mouth strategies, parish announcements as well as an explanation of the resources The King’s Men provides.
  • Prepare Facilitators. Training your group facilitators is an important aspect of ensuring that the small group discussion and accountability is fruitful for all involved. In this portion of the training, leaders will learn how to lead a dynamic discussion group and effectively guide men through the accountability element of the meetings (“The 4 C’s”).
  • Lead the Small Men’s Group. Participants will learn the “ins and outs” of facilitating a small men’s group, including information on what is and is not the facilitator’s role, how to keep a discussion on track, managing group time, and working with different personalities. Facilitators will learn how to address these and other challenging and sensitive issues with charity and prudence.

For Additional Information on TKM’s Leader’s Training Workshop, contact Mark Houck, TKM President at

Workshop Cost

Stipend: $2,000 for a full day of training. (Fee may be paid by a diocese, parish(es), a sponsor or a combination)
Travel & Lodging for TKM staff
Registration: $49/man. Includes registration & materials. (Core team optimal number per parish = 5 men)
Food/Refreshments: (optional). Host may provide food free of charge or include food fee for the men,
Optional Friday evening talk: $500 for a talk at your parish or nearby location