11th Anniversary of TKM

This month marks the 11th anniversary of The King’s Men apostolate’s full-time outreach to men and the Church. On August 28, 2006, my co-founder and I prayed before the statue of St. Augustine at the St. Rita Shrine in South Philadelphia and asked our patron saint, on his feast, to intercede before God and ask Him to bless our efforts. Indeed, St. Augustine did and God truly has!!!

There is so much to share and rejoice in as I reflect on the past 11 years.  The many conversions, re-versions, transformations, reunifications, miracles and cultural victories are too many to list.  However, in the spirit of giving glory to God for all He has done in and through this apostolate, I will boldly attempt to quantify some of this now:

  • 17 Sexually Oriented Businesses have closed as a direct or indirect result of TKM prayer and activism program called the No More Porn Tour;
  • 10 men have discerned a priestly, religious or deaconate vocation who were actively involved with TKM programs with 5 men achieving ordination;
  • 43 authentically masculine and outdoor experiential retreats have been sponsored by TKM–uniting and building nearly 3500 men from all across the country;
  • 12 healing retreats for men have been sponsored by TKM–uniting and healing over 200 men from all across the country;
  • 2 healing retreats for women have been sponsored by TKM–uniting and healing 30 women from all across the country;
  • 50 men’s groups have been developed and supported across 29 dioceses–uniting and building up over 500 men weekly in the mold of leader, protector and provider;
  • 9 one day men’s conferences have been sponsored by TKM–building and uniting over 450 men;
  • 7 Workshops conducted in 7 dioceses which have successfully generated 14 TKM small men’s groups;
  • 2 conferences organized and sponsored by TKM to develop and present research on masculinity which will support the pastoral care of men in the Church–generated 11 CD set audio publication, 1 pending book publication and united 50 leaders from various ministries throughout the Church;
  • 200 original and authentically Catholic radio programs and podcasts developed through monthly live broadcasts via Holy Spirit Radio/EWTN affiliate–uniting and building up potentially hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of men and women around the globe;
  • 2 books on masculinity authored, published and distributed throughout the Church–10,000 copies currently in print;
  • 2 brochures authored, published  and distributed throughout every diocese in United States on the issue of pornography–many thousands in print;
  • Nearly 1000 authentically masculine and Catholic lectures and presentations delivered at men’s conferences, retreats, days of recollection, evenings of reflection, workshops, and rallies throughout North America and Europe–uniting and building up an estimated 250,000 men/women;
  • Organized and sponsored White House rally in Washington, DC in response to the SCOTUS ruling in June 2015 on marriage–united 300 supporters;
  • 13 sports camps coached through the apostolate of Courage–uniting, building and fostering healing of nearly 400 men who struggle with same sex attraction;
  • Taken the message of Leader, Protector and Provider to all 50 states through TKM programs, product distribution and lectures;
  • And taken the message of Leader, Protector and Provider to Poland, Switzerland, Australia, United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, parts of Africa, Russia, Italy and military bases in the Middle East through lectures and product distribution.

The above represents only the hard data, but how can one accurately quantify the daily and weekly conversations and witness opportunities that the ministry has afforded our TKM staff?  It would not be possible to count such, but we know that God has been pleased to use this ministry to share His message of love, hope and healing to many, many people through this great work.

We truly give thanks and all glory to God for the past 11 years of outreach and we ask for his continual grace to be able to offer more to His people if it be His holy will for us at TKM.  Thank you to all of those who have supported us and through your generous partnership made all of this possible.

May God bring this work to fulfillment!

Yours in Christ,

Mark Houck                                                                                                             Founder