Discerning God’s Will

Knowing the will of God is never an easy task, but one which me must continually take up as men.  Cooperating with God’s Holy Will, I submit, is something that men, in particular, can easily frustrate and get in the way of properly discerning.  I believe men often get in the way of God’s plans because we lack the patience for such.  The God fearing man seeks the will of God for his life because he knows he should, but when the answer doesn’t come quick enough, he will often take a course of action that provides the results that he is looking for.  This becomes problematic for him because God’s ways are not our ways (Isaiah 55:8-9).  In the end, the man has circumvented God’s will for instant gratification and further delayed the blessings of Almighty God upon him and his family.

What are the best ways to patiently wait on the will of God while pursuing what is necessary for our lives? 

A very good question indeed.  The answer I have found is to pursue what you are currently pursuing and ask God to direct you in the midst of such pursuits.  In other words, if God desires you to do something other than what you are doing then ask him to redirect your efforts and guide you where He wants you to be.

That sounds overly simplistic doesn’t it?  Yes, it is, but the simple answer has a quite difficult application. We are an impulsive group of humans, us men.  We know we must busy ourselves about our work.  After all, did not God task us with work in the Garden (Genesis 2:15)?  Yes, He did.  Therefore, we must stay active and vigilant for God’s voice and direction in the work we find ourselves.

God is always communicating with His people, but regrettably, most are not listening for His “still small voice”  (1 Kings 19:12).  Most men I know are terrible at hushing their minds and taking time to listen for the voice of God.  I am guilty of this myself.  As an extrovert, I am very motivated by activity.  However, even extroverts have to find time to listen don’t we?  If we don’t, we will find ourselves eventually exhausted and in need of a break.  Didn’t God design a break for each one of us at the beginning of time (Genesis 2:2)?  We must take time to listen to God.  We must take time to wait, as painful as that may be at times for some of us.  However, I have found that it is the best way to truly discern the will of God.  His thoughts are not our thoughts (Isaiah 55) and so if we want the “choicest wine” (John 2:10), then it may require some discomfort.

Just as the couple at the wedding feast at Cana found themselves with no wine for their guests, we may find ourselves, while we are waiting on the Lord, with little resources for ourselves.  Or we may take on a degree of embarrassment as we ponder God’s plans.  I’m sure the wedding couple at Cana were embarrassed to know that they had no more wine for their guests.  Little did they know, but the choicest wine, Jesus, was about to share with them His abundant blessings and gift to the world.

This is no different for us today.  God has a perfect plan for our lives.  The “choicest wine” or for the purposes of this blog, God’s will, requires our patience and our complete and utter surrender to Him.  The wedding couple was helpless.  The blessed mother of Jesus interceded on their behalf and brought forth an abundance of blessings upon their marriage and their family and friends.

Why do we get impatient waiting for God to do the same for us?  It is our culture.  Our fast food and fast paced society tells us that instant gratification is what we need.  As we know, time is not of God. A thousand years is like a second for Him, and so, we must wait on the will of God and pray for the gift of patience.

This attitude of patience, while discerning God’s will is not an easy one.  It will be very difficult to avoid interrupting this process, but if we have the courage to wait, God will bless us abundantly with His exciting plans for our lives.

God bless your discernment!