On the Road with TKM!

After 15 years of doing men’s ministry work, TKM is still rolling and thanks be to God that we are!  So many men have come to conversion and transformation from their time with the apostolate.  One TKM brother recently wrote to me the following:

People love donating to good causes they believe in and yours is helping save marriages, families and men’s souls – there’s not a better reason to give than that.”

I have to remind myself, at times, that our work does make a difference in the lives of men and the Church.  It is easy to forget when the daily grind of sustaining a ministry and supporting a family distracts from all the good that comes from the sacrifice to be a missionary family in full-time ministry.

Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing the power of God’s healing touch at the recent Into the Wild Retreat Weekend in Show Low, AZ.  Two miracles took place at the retreat!  Without the retreat and ultimately the apostolate of The King’s Men, these miracles may not have happened.  Certainly, God is not dependent on TKM to do His mighty and miraculous work, but it is sure comforting and consoling to know that God condescends to use a small grass roots apostolate like ours to usher forth his healing power, grace and love.

Being on the road for TKM is always a challenging and thrilling opportunity to see what God has in store for me both personally and professionally.  I am amazed at the many opportunities he gives me to grow and love Him.  Whether it is a delayed or cancelled flight at O’Hare airport (He seems to repeatedly like to offer that one to me) or gentle consolations of time in adoration, confession or Mass, I am a blessed man to do the work that I do and for as long as I have.

Traveling for long stretches of time on a plane or in a car in the mountains of New Mexico and Arizona are so energy recharging for me.  These long rides and opportunities to listen and pray with God are exactly what I need.  I wish more men could experience the silence of a 6 hour drive with no radio and no cell reception.  Sometimes, I get a long ride as a passenger and I can have deep conversations with my host as we drive to a retreat facility in Fargo, ND.  These conversations are always stimulating and deeply thought provoking.  It is a special time for me as my flaws and distractions are always put aside and I am able to be truly present to the moment God has summoned me forth.  These times of peace where I am assured that I am in the holy will of God are life giving.  I draw on them when the busyness of life takes over or when I am overwhelmed by my concupiscence and poor choices to love others.

Being on the road is difficult to say the least.  It is most difficult on my family back home as I am not there to support them emotionally and physically.  Although my time away offers me the great opportunity to spiritually provide for their needs, I know the travel does take its toll on my children and most especially my wife.  Thankfully she sees this time as an opportunity for her own growth (I truly married up).

The road trips are slowing down for me this summer, but they will once again pick back up in the fall.  Please pray for me and the men that TKM will be visiting!  Rest assured of my prayers for you in my travels.