Mark Houck

The Way Of The King’s Men: A ‘How To’ Guide For Building Effective Catholic Men’s Groups

In 2004, two lay Catholic men began a journey which would forever change their lives and the lives of thousands of men. They did not realize it then, but that journey would lead them towards the development of a men’s ministry that is remarkably growing and radically addressing the crisis in masculinity plaguing our Church and culture today. Mark Houck, co-founder of The King’s Men, shares this amazing story and the lessons learned for the purpose of guiding other men towards the commencement of their own masculine journey.

Comments from Readers and Reviewers

“Powerful and tangible for men everywhere.”
-Anthony Buono, Founder of Ave Maria Singles

“Excellent resource for men’s groups.”
– Kevin O’Brien, Founder of Men of Christ

“I’m excited by the growing interest in men’s ministry developing in the Catholic Church not in small part due to the crisis in fatherhood that exists both inside and outside the Church. Efforts to create, train and support the growth of men’s groups in particular will bear fruit in the Church for generations to come.”
– Matt Pinto, Author and President of Ascension Press