“Samson brought a deeper meaning about what true healing from Christ is.”

Samson Catholic Men's Healing RetreatThe Samson Healing Retreat for Men uses two powerful themes to help men find the necessary healing they are seeking in their masculine journey—the Theology of the Cross and the story of the Old Testament Judge Samson. The four-day and three-night weekend is designed to help men share their story with other men with a similar story. Through interactive discussions lectures, gourmet meals, personal cross and

Stations of the Cross building activities, daily Mass, Confession, Eucharistic Adoration and an extremely relaxed and comfortable retreat setting, men will find an oasis primed for a healing encounter with Jesus Christ. Please take a moment to watch the video below.

TKM offer’s Samson 2-3 times per year. To learn a detailed schedule of the retreat and read some testimonials of past participants, visit our retreat page.

Catholic Men's Healing Retreat Samson