“I believe that my involvement has made me a better father, husband and stronger man in Jesus.” – Married Father of 3 Children


To challenge and empower men, with the cooperation of God’s grace, to live virtuous lives. This is accomplished through education, formation, and accountability.

About the Groups

The purpose of The King’s Men group meetings is to enable a man to obtain or enhance the necessary formation and accountability he seeks in his walk as a Catholic. This is done primarily through prayer, scriptural and spiritual reading with an emphasis on masculine spirituality and accountability using “The 4 C’s Model” (Commit, Confess, Challenge and Confirm).


– Begin with the Holy Rosary (~20 Minutes)
– Reading and Discussion of a masculine spirituality book (~1 Hour)
– Accountability, “The Four C’s” (~30 Minutes)
– Closing Prayer

These small group meetings are designed for men of all ages (18 years and older) and state in life (single, married and religious.)

How to start your TKM group

Getting started may be easier than you think. We’ve created a practical and achievable process to adult men’s formation. Follow this information and see how a TKM Formation & Accountability group can transform men in your parish/area.

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Get your group started today. Contact us for a copy of our Leader’s Resource Manual, TKM’s turn-key solution for starting a men’s formation group in your home or parish.

Additionally, we highly recommend that each group purchase a copy of the brand-new TKM “Leader’s Resource Manual”, our #1 tool for helping men start TKM Formation & Accountability groups. To get your copy of the King’s Men’s Leaders Resource Manual, and join the hundreds of men in weekly growth as leaders, protectors, and providers, make your quick purchase below.

Leader's Resource Manual
Leader's Resource Manual
A turn-key manual for a Catholic Men's Formation Group. Start it with a team out of your home or begin the sharpening in your parish! Great solution for parishes looking to commence a laity-run men's program. Used by more than 45 groups in 23 dioceses throughout the country, and the official Catholic men's formation offering of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Contains instructions and materials to guide men from early stages of prayer, building a core-team, marketing, launching, and sustaining the group. Contact us and we will help you get started!